Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center at Victoria Elementary

Each week during media class your child will have an opportunity to check out  books. Students are welcome to come to the media center on a individual basis any time  during the week when they have their teacher's permission. All books are due back in  the media center the day before media class to allow time for processing.

Book Checkout :
  • Kindergarten - 1 book 
  • First Grade - 2 books 
  • Second Grade - 2 books 
  • Third Grade - 3 books 
  • Fourth Grade -3 books 
  • Fifth Grade - 3 books

Check out period is 2 weeks. 

Students who need more time to complete a book may renew it during their media time.  The book does not need to be returned to be renewed. Students just need to request  that their book be renewed when going through the check out line. 

Book return: To make book return easy, a book drop box is located inside the media  center. Books may be put there at any time during the school day. Classroom teachers  also have a bin in their classroom where students place books that need to be returned  to the media center. 

Overdue books 

We do not charge fines for overdue books. Students with an overdue book are not  allowed to checkout another book until the overdue item has been returned. Overdue  notices will be sent at least once a trimester. We do our best to properly check in books.  If your child receives an overdue notice, and believes the book has been returned,  please have your child ask Mrs. Boraas to check the shelves again. Parents should also  feel free to call or email me to check the library shelf for the missing book. You can  always verify the books your child has checked out by using your child's user name and  password to Destiny Quest or by checking Parent Portal. 

Lost & Damaged Books 

Students who have lost or damaged a book will be expected to pay the replacement cost  of the item. Since most of our books are special library bound books we ask that you do  not purchase a replacement copy since trade bindings do not hold up to library use.  Checks for the replacement cost can be made payable to VES and brought to the media  center or the school office.


Renee Boraas